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Singer Patsy gets Ant and Dec involved in her performance.

She wins over the boys but will it be enough to convince the Judges?
Patsy May sings Dream a Little Dream | Britain's Got Talent 2014


Diva Patsy May dominates the stage and gets her name in lights. Singing All That Jazz from the musical Chicago, she's a real showstopper!

Patsy May gives it All That Jazz | Britain's Got Talent 2014


Morrisons Yellow Room Ep 4, ft. Patsy May | Britain's Got Talent 2014


Laura Jackson interviews Patsy May and REAformed, and we put some quickfire answers to street dancer Kieran Lai and 'impressionist' Jenson Zhu.

The Banners - Summertime


Patsy May enjoys the joys of British Summertime.


Music Video to SUMMERTIME by THE BANNERS, from the album RAISE.

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